Buyer’s Guides

Buying a property in your home country can be daunting and stressful enough so buying a property in a foreign country adds another dimension to the possible stresses and anxieties. Below are links to articles and information that should help provide you with a better understanding of how the French property system works, how the French law of succession affects those who inherit and what is required in the sale documents. By educating yourself in how the French property market works and operates should relieve some of the stresses and eliminate any possible mistakes or mishaps.

    • Buying property in France

      Buying a property in France doesn’t have to be stressful, good preparation and knowledge of the process is key.

    • The French Notaire

      The French Notaire, a legal professional authorised by the State to carry out property conveyance.

    • French inheritance law

      French inheritance law can be quite a shock to foreigners buying real estate in France. The law of succession applies in all cases of private ownership.

    • French property diagnostic surveys

      What French diagnostic surveys are required when you buy or sell a property in France. Some are mandatory, others dependent on type, age, location, valid for 6 months, others indefinitely.