Transport in France

Transport in France is like most other developed world systems and includes air travel and flights, a comprehensive rail network, the rising city tramways, an extensive road network, bus/coach services and of course, driving in France. Air travel in France is not only catered for by the established carriers (Air France, British Airways) but also by the budget airlines from around Europe flying into many of France's regional airports providing a steady reliable service. The French rail network (provided mainly by TER and SNCF) is comprehensive and reliable, running on time and with fares cheaper than most other European countries and, not forgetting the high speed TGV linking many French cities with Europe. Over the past few decades, France has set about a program of reintroducing tramways into major cities easing traffic congestion and helping commuter and sight seers navigate the bustle of city life and tourist spots. All countries have their own driving habits and rules and France is no exception with some archaic practices still confusing the many foreign travelers visiting or passing through.

    • Rail travel in France

      Rail travel in France – sncf, eurostar, tgv etc.

    • Air Travel in France

      France is served by many world airlines with a strong domestic system, find out more…

    • French road network

      France has the eighth largest road network in the world. Divided into three types of roadway, we explain the differences and guide you through some it their quirks.

    • French Tramways

      Modern French Tramways are revitalising France’s cities providing user-friendly public transport systems.

    • Bus and coach services in France

      French bus and coach travel is generally considered an inconvenient travel option for longer journeys but sometimes they are the only option if the rail network doesn’t include your destination.

    • Driving in France

      Driving in France isn’t too different from driving in most western countries, however it is important to know and observe the differences to avoid accidents and fines.