About Us

Us – (FrenchPropertySearch.com and FranceImmo.com)

Launched in 2003, FrenchPropertySearch.com’s aim is to help French estate agents market their property portfolios to international buyers. Over the past few years a great deal of work has gone into developing a new fresh website and introduce a sister website, FranceImmo.com, aimed at the home market, which we hope to launch by the middle of 2017. With the new websites working to complement each other, the coming years will see more versions in other popular languages.

Information pages

Having created a pleasant intuitive property search experience we want to help and guide potential buyers in other aspects of their property search. Besides the relevant Buyer’s Guides, our information pages cover topics ranging from Money Matters, French Services, The Word, General Information and how to advertise a property on FrenchPropertySearch.com.

You (potential French property buyers)

As the end user, your needs have been the backbone of our remit and design for the new website. Making the French property search experience as simple and intuitive as possible has been our main aim. We have enhanced that experience by providing an interactive POI map highlighting important local and nearest transport, medical and education establishments. We also provide information on Mortgage and Currency Exchange so you can prepare the financial side of your property purchase in France.

You (selling agents and private vendors)

From large French property agent groups to individual estate agents and private vendors, the need for an intelligent marketing strategy in our modern computerised world is vital making internet exposure essential. Whilst many French estate agents have their own individual website to market their portfolio of properties, property portals play an important role for the potential buyers by providing a wide selection of properties in a given area, allowing a greater choice and opening up many different real estate opportunities that would otherwise be limited.